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Case #083

Queen Tommie Marcellina contacted me on the 7th May about a blind couple who are her neighbours. I did a video call with them. The wife said she can make soap and needed 30k to buy materials which I sent. The hubby doesn’t have a skill. He said he was selling cassettes and someone took it off him, sold it and didn’t give him any money. They have a 4 year old daughter and live with Grandma. They immediately bought the materials and she made some lovely soap.

I am here today to make a few requests

1. You buy your soaps from her if you live in Ibadan.

2. Can we raise some funds for them to also start a food stuff business. They are quite young and it will be good for the man to have something to do and not just sitting and leaving the wife to do all the work for them.

3. Hospital care for check up of their eyes. The last time she was in hospital was 2006 and she said she lost her sight at age 16.

If you would like to contact them directly, you can inbox me or you can donate via our page.

Thanks for all your love.

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