A lesson for women

by Jane Obong Awan

Something went down in my estate yesterday ,This woman has been staying with this man with the hope that things would become better , she studied petroleum engineering and the man was doing his masters when they met ..... She was 21 Then and will be 30 in sept , in nine years she has birthed 6 kids but currently has 4 cause two died.

The man is now a lecturer and just finished building his mansion but said he doesn't want the woman anymore .

He has refused her from coming to the new house and even though they were staying together he didn't tell her when he finished the house .

They were staying in a 3 bedroom apartment before he completed the building ,Now house has expired Oga is saying she should move out that he alreadypaid for a new apartment for her and the kids ,the woman is saying if it's not that house that he built that she isn't staying ...

Apparently Oga now has another woman who is staying with him in the new house ,she heard and went to scatter the house yesterday , Thats how fight burst and everywhere scatter ...

While she was rolling herself on the floor and cussing the man out ...the man was saying "useless woman "SMH

Note this man should be in his late 40s.

When police came the woman said she wants to go with the kids , and I thought to myself ,why would this woman want to tag along with her kids ?she doesn't have a job , business or money ....

Best thing to do is leave the kids with the man ......when you get a job and start earning you can send money and gifts to your kids and contribute your quota in their lives .....

I used the little opportunity I got and told her my mind ....The man obviously doesn't want to have anything to do with you and you can't force it ..... He didn't let you work .....now you are broke and jobless ,9 years and you only have evidence of sex to show as an achievement ...

She was just nodding her head and all I could see was a fustrated woman ...

Me: These children will now be exposed to sexual and other forms of violence and abuse. Women have the number of children you can comfortably look after. Don’t rush into marriage. Make your money. Be wise.

By the way, there are laws that mean she gets half of the property. She needs a lawyer. Women don’t suffer for nothing. Ask for advice from sensible people not the ones that will tell you to go and beg.

Written by

Jane Obong Awan

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